Tesla makes it ‘impossible’ for drivers to intentionally run out of range

Good to know that accuracy of range takes into account elevation and wind as well. I’m thinking we will be seeing supercharging stations everywhere soon.


Tesla Motors’ latest over-the-air software update aims to not just ease fears about running out of battery power before reaching another charger. It’s designed to make it impossible.

The 6.2 version software update, which was announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday during a press conference, includes several new features, including range assurance, an app that communicates in real time with Tesla’s supercharger networks and destination chargers. The app advises drivers when they’re at risk of driving beyond the range of reliable charging locations. Once alerted, a map guides the driver to the closest charger, factoring in elevation and wind speed to determine range with extreme accuracy, Musk said during the call.

“All the complexity is taken care of automatically. You don’t need to think ahead or do any calculations,” Musk said. “It’s impossible to run out unless you do so intentionally. The car will even double check and…

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