Healthcare Executive Profile Rajat Dhameja

Rajat Dhameja, MD, MHA, Healthcare Consultant

Decisive, action oriented and results focused Health Services professional offering stellar academic background and over 8 years of healthcare experience in Managed Care and Health Plans. Experienced in Project Management, Process Improvement, Product Development and Quality Improvement, Regulatory Affairs, Compliance, Strategic Planning and Provider Contracting. Ability to work broadly across wide portfolio of projects with teams in Operations, Finance, Customer Service and IT. Ability to perform Financial Reporting, Data Analysis and Forecasting to drive decision making. Adept Negotiator and Critical Thinker who can apply extensive knowledge and industry trends to rapid revenue and profit growth opportunities.
The Indian High School, Dubai
Kasturba Medical College, School of Medicine, Manipal, India
Concentration: Medicine, Surgery, Ob/Gyn
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Concentration: Health Administration
Healthcare, Hospitals and Health Systems, Business Development, Consulting, Professional Development, Managed Care, Networking


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